Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Right here. Right now

In my n-th attempt of getting better at writing, I decide to write whats going on right now in my life, all the new experiences and the joys and sorrows that lie ahead in the near future. I think this is the best topic to write about when you feel the need to write something and can't think of anything interesting -- writing about yourself. Its so easy to ramble know, about yourself.

So the past couple of months has been both good and bad. Good in the sense that I got to spend priceless time with my father-in-law to-be (and I'm not saying this for extra brownie points)and got to visit Switzerland along with him and my fiance. The country is beautiful and just like how I'd imagined it when I was a little girl. Gorgeous landscapes, clear blue Rhein river, delicious chocolates and trains that truly define luxury. Its expensive all right but totally worth every penny. I got a chance to sit and discuss those little nothings with my father-in-law and Fiance. He cooked some delicious homemade food for me and taught me some new and easy recipes. His functioning in the house was brilliant. I silently learnt a thing or two from him.
The sad part of the first half of my year was some of the disastrous exams I had. I let the Professor/ exam get the better of me. I need to mention this one aged, rotting and racist Professor who has been teaching for donkey number of years. After his biased questioning on things related and unrelated to his subject, he reluctantly gave me a passing mark. I'm still fighting to forget the dark past that's left me to a state of self-loathing. Having fought so many odds in the past (and looking into my immediate future), I'm confident to get past this and wrap-up the course as soon as possible. Like they say, after every bitter bite, there is something sweet. (I just made that up, by the way) I must, must talk about the next couple of months.
I'm getting married in October. That's right, baby! Its wedding bells for Pooja this year. Like the cliche, I've dreamt of this day since such a long time. (I'm actually ashamed to tell since when exactly) I'm kicking myself for staying away from home when there are so many wedding-y things going on there. Folks are so excited to get their only daughter married to their much loved son-in-law. I still pinch myself to check if its all a reality. Well it is and I couldn't be more happier.
So I'm getting married in my hometown which means I'm flying home soon. Unfortunately, its a good 8 week wait from now. But I think I can wait since I have so many things going on here. 3 exams and a project presentation stands in my way. I hope to conquer them all and do my parents proud before I actually see them.
There are so many things changing suddenly. Like I'm gonna be a part of two families. I have more birthdays and anniversaries to remember. I need to divide my time and attention for friends, family 1, family 2 and fiance. But the best thing is, I'm gonna get lot of gifts soon. I know, I know this sounds cheap but hey, people hardly ever surprise me with a gift. Its OK to expect something at my own wedding. After all, we're getting them all the return gifts and delicious south-Indian feast. I'm also gonna get a lot of attention and in a good way (hopefully). Being the older sibling at home, my brother always got the attention. I'm gonna live those two days to the fullest and make up for the loss. ;) And of course, I'm gonna get a gorgeous husband. Yes, we've been together for almost 3 years now and yes, we've had a long courtship and sufficient time to know each other and have date like elements in our 3 year old courtship. But this time, its permanent. He's stamped and sealed as mine. Its a good feeling, you know. ;) I'm also debating changing my name from "Pooja Shankar" to "Pooja Shankar Sharma". Or changing his to "Arjun Pooja Sharma".

I'm pretty sure I won't be blogging until the wedding is over and I'm back here.
So until I become the Missus, its Auf Wiedersehen from me.

P.S - Its an overwhelming feeling of joy and crises. Joy because I'm entering whats possibly going to be the best phase of my life. A sense of self-denial and crises because I'm so grown up and anything childish said or done is only going to be laughed at. I'm holding a permanent and an important position after all. I'm *the* WIFE.
I guess its quarter-life crises.

It should be gone before my mid-life crises kicks-in.


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